How to seduce a geek?Few women know how geeks can be a good boyfriend. But to remedy this problem, here are some tips to help you seduce a geek. Although some boards are suitable for most men, and although most of them are mainly valid for geeks.
1. Understand the basic rule:"The way to go to a man's heart is through his stomach". Make him eat the food he likes and half your problem is solved.

2. The gifts:When it comes to giving him gifts, and well, know that the latest gadgets are the right option.
3. Get help:Talk about the technical difficulties that you encounter when using your gadgets or PC and ask his help.
4. Show your interest:Behave as if you are interested in everything he does. Do not forget to give him enough freedom!
5. Keep up to date:Keep yourself updated with the latest in surfing the Internet and talk to him. Try to be a new source of information for him. This will create an interest for you in his mind.
6. Praise him:Geeks love to praise. Tell him he's the smartest and he is the best geek you've seen. It will particularly appreciate your compliments. Learn a few technical terms and try to give compliments that only a geek can do.

7. Take advice:Before you buy an electronic gadget, ask advice. They like people who ask their advice.
8. Be the first to wish her special days:As for his birthday, midnight call or send him a personal message through Facebook or Twitter.
9. Do not change it:Love it like it is. Make her feel that you would like to have someone like him as a boyfriend.
10. Choose the place of rendezvous:When it comes time for the appointment, be aware that there is no better places than a electronics shop. (He can still love other places)
Do not abuse all the advice we have given you, you might not seem sincere. Use them in a sensitive manner (think of a geek ^ ^).

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